According to a report from kormedia in South Korea on October 27, many people get used to losing weight by eating less and exercising more, but it's not easy to do so. Thus, there are various ways to lose weight, so that people can lose weight without "eating less and exercising more". The Korea institute of health management has explored the virtual reality of various weight-loss methods that have recently become popular.

1. A food diet

One way to lose weight is to eat just one thing and get slim. Compared to eating a variety of foods, one kind of food diet method can make people eat less, and then take in less calories, thus achieving the effect of weight loss. It has the advantage of fat or carbohydrate intake, the body will be fewer calories, compared to the same calorie intake of fat, can eat to a variety of foods, so there will be satiety.

But people who eat only one food can't stay healthy, leading to nutritional imbalances such as protein, carbohydrates and fats. Lack of protein can make it difficult to maintain proper muscle mass, impede growth, and lead to low immunity. What's more, most people bounce back after returning to their normal diet.

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This diet promotes eating meat and losing weight. By increasing the amount of fat and reducing carbohydrates, the body burns fat and produces a substance called ketone. In the body, there will be severe diuretic symptoms and fluid loss of body fluids. That is to say, this kind of weight loss method is through human body dehydration, achieve thin body effect thereby. But without reducing caloric intake for a long time, the body will regain its weight by ingesting sugar in the diet and normal physiological regulation. And it's hard for the body to consistently consume two-thirds less carbohydrates for a long time. Low sugar diets can also lead to electrolyte disorders and water loss, which can lead to dizziness, orthostatic hypotension, fatigue, bad breath, and increased serum uric acid.

3. Detox

Detoxifying weight loss refers to reducing the body toxin to achieve the weight loss effect. Detoxification weight loss is a kind of auxiliary medical treatment, by removing the external harmful substances and the toxins produced in the body, the liver function can be restored, and the healthy body will be achieved. But there is no conclusive scientific evidence that detoxification can reduce weight, so it is not easy to draw conclusions. In addition, in order to detoxify, excessive fasting and dieting can lead to nutritional imbalance, dehydration, even immune system changes, or abnormal autonomic nervous system, which can severely damage the body.