Today, human exploration of the ocean is increasing, and the potential of deep-sea exploration is also increasing. For example, oil and gas extraction, new energy development and storage, seabed mining and biological exploration. However, there are still many deficiencies in the current deep-sea observation system. We still cannot achieve 4D real-time ocean observation, and there are some shallow beaches, fishing grounds, seaports and nuclear power plant facilities that need to be improved.

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To solve these problems, we need to use modern information technologies such as 4D to build a digital ocean. We need to use artificial intelligence devices for synchronous communication. We need to build the Internet of things in the ocean with dynamic sensors across regions to enable real-time cooperation between machines.

Our vision is to build a platform to operate unmanned ocean observation vehicles. This requires the establishment of next-generation monitoring systems that can collect real-time 4D data, acquire and analyze the data, and achieve the economy, mobility and accuracy of Marine observations in extreme weather conditions.

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On this platform, the automatic operation of unmanned vehicles, including unmanned surface taxidermy and taxidermy, needs to be tested in the integrated scenario. For this reason, we have developed automatic operation technology for ocean observation. Using ocean communication technology to realize remote control of unattended vehicle; An unmanned vehicle simulation system and observation sensor system are developed and a real-time observation data operation system based on geographic information system is established. We also made efforts in the centralized control of unmanned vehicles, such as the systematization of operation technology and the standardization of observation sensor interface. At the same time, we have also launched plans for rapid response to Marine disasters through unmanned automatic ocean observation platforms.

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In the next five years, the first thing we need to do is to build Marine communication systems, and the second is to collect relevant data and information, integrate technology into our projects, and continuously improve the technology. From the research results, the unmanned ocean observation platform provides us with a risk-reducing and very effective ocean observation system, which can respond to some Marine disasters quickly. In addition, it can remove time and space limitations and improve the resolution of our data observation.

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